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Skits involving dating

with two counts of hate speech, and one instance of sexual harrassment when you referred to the women's field hockey teams as, "a bunch of lezbos." Mark Strobel: [ smiling ] Glad to be here, Dean!

Male Date Rape Player #2: Would you mind if we had sexual intercourse? [ Ariel buzzes in ] Dean Frederick Whitcomb: Helpern-Strauss?

it looks like the round is over, and, Ariel, you are still our champion!

[ Mark hits his buzzer, lighting one of the squares ] Dean Frederick Whitcomb: "Ragin' Kegger"!

[ Dean Frederick Whitcomb enters the game show stage ] Dean Frederick Whitcomb: Alright, ladies and gentlemen, students and faculty! Back with us is our defending champion, she's a Junior and a major in Victimization Studies. [ show Ariel at her podium ] And our challenger - he's a nose tackle and a Sigma Alpha Epsilon brother.

[ Ariel hits her buzzer, lighting one of the squares ] Dean Frederick Whitcomb: "Halter Top"! [ curtain parts to reveal the two players in a scene together ] Male Date Rape Player #1: May I compliment you on your halter top?

Here to help us with the question are the Antioch College Date Rape Players.

If the level of sexual intimacy increases during an interaction: ie.