Start Sprung dating game walkthrough

Sprung dating game walkthrough

-Finished "Ex-Boyfriend roadblock" of Becky's Story. -A 7KB increase lol Version .91 01/27/05 -Dumble Dee. -Redid layout Version .50 01/17/05 Ahh.hands are killing me from typing so much, I am trying to include every little detail.

3) Use Item (Choose 1) Kiki: I - I - I - We did....

1) I'm totally messing with you 2) Use Item (Choose 1) Kiki: Oh my god Becky, why are you always doing that to me!?

and why we're gonna conquer this mountain together.

And that's not even counting any enemies you might make along the way.

| ------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- | Objective: Meet your friends.

| ------------------------------- Brett: We're finally here!

4) Use Item (Choose 3) Brett: Yeah, and you're gonna rock this mountain like a mother - Erica: Hey, Becky! Did you know that girls that read books are much more knowledgeable in the ways of intimacy? Brett: Why does Erica always act so weird around me?