Start Status ignored does not require updating

Status ignored does not require updating

This section describes the requirements and dependencies that are needed to use Cluster-Aware Updating (CAU) to apply updates to a Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2012 failover cluster.

It is also able to recognize and incorporate email replies to forum messages.

This can be done by inserting a line in the email body like this: Of course, user permissions are checked and this email would be ignored if the user who sent this email is not allowed to add issues to project foo.

Make sure that the target project doesn't use required custom fields with no default value for its issues, otherwise the creation of the issue will fail.

To fix this, we override the default transport by specifying a local transport for the email address in question, which means the local alias will resolve correctly, and your script will be executed.

For versions before 3.2, a front-end to has been written to allow specifying projects trough sub-addresses (name [email protected]). This feature is now available for all email sources (ie If your setup is working, but you receive mails from the cron daemon, you can suppress the output from the rake command by adding the --silent switch.

For more information about plug-ins, see How CAU Plug-ins Work.

CAU requires an installation of the Failover Clustering feature and the Failover Clustering Tools.

It can be found in your redmine directory: Required arguments: -u, --url URL URL of the Redmine server -k, --key KEY Redmine API key General options: --no-permission-check disable permission checking when receiving the email --key-file FILE full path to a file that contains your Redmine API key (use this option instead of --key if you don't want the key to appear in the command line) --no-check-certificate do not check server certificate -h, --help show this help -v, --verbose show extra information -V, --version show version information and exit User creation options: --unknown-user ACTION how to handle emails from an unknown user ACTION can be one of the following values: * ignore: email is ignored (default) * accept: accept as anonymous user * create: create a user account --default-group GROUP add created user to GROUP (none by default) GROUP can be a comma separated list of groups --no-account-notice don't send account information to the newly created user --no-notification disable email notifications for the created user Issue attributes control options: -p, --project PROJECT identifier of the target project -s, --status STATUS name of the target status -t, --tracker TRACKER name of the target tracker --category CATEGORY name of the target category --priority PRIORITY name of the target priority -o, --allow-override ATTRS allow email content to override attributes specified by previous options ATTRS is a comma separated list of attributes # No project specified.