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With the exception of a teenage Lex Luthor, who was a frequent foe of the Boy of Steel, almost none of the featured villains appeared more than once.

When Gerard Christopher took over the lead role starting the second season the show definitely took a turn for the better, both in stories and acting.

The first three titles feature the original Superboy, the legendary hero Superman as a boy.

Later series feature the second Superboy, who is a partial clone of the original Superman.

All in all the show turned out to be pretty good as it went on but unfortunately it wasn't fast enough to please the viewers and was cancelled.

On another note for you trivia fans, Gerard Cristopher auditioned and won the part of Superman in the series "Lois and Clark". Of course Dean Cain did the part excellent, but it would have been a good tie-in from Superboy.

His opinion changes when Superboy is able to thwart a robbery with Jimmy's...

See full summary » The adventures of Superman when he was a boy!

The series was published monthly until it went bi-monthly for its final three issues, remained in publication for 22 issues to the end of 1991 (cover dated Feb. After the Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series, the original Superboy was erased from mainstream DC continuity, with Superman beginning his superhero career as an adult in his early twenties.