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Tips for dating math nerd

They are the crème de la crème, the supernerds of computer science who spent four long years poring over theorems and studying algorithms and have finally achieved their degrees.

But once they arrive, what can these just-hatched developers actually do?

Some may have picked up a few programming languages on their own, but they were not taught these job-essential skills at school, and companies must offer them months of training before they become productive.

One pragmatic reason is that few companies will hire software engineers without a degree.

But there’s something more fundamental, something he calls “thought skills,” acquired from working in teams and doing things, not from a programming book.

The demand for people who can code is urgent and growing every day.

Is the four-year degree in computer science that most employers insist on really the best way to satisfy it? Most students, on the other hand, want to learn applied software engineering, not computer science.

And developers can’t expect to learn programming skills from their employers, who are increasingly less willing to invest in employee training. Sheldon Kreger, who studied computer science but dropped out before graduating, is now a successful web developer at He learned coding on his own and from other students, and continues to learn from colleagues.

“It’s widely understood that computer science doesn’t necessarily make you a good programmer,” Kreger says.

And of course, Pay Pal founder and venture capitalist Peter Thiel, who told fellowship pays $100,000 to 20 students every year to drop out of college.

Ed Lazowska, who holds the Bill and Melinda Gates chair in computer science at the University of Washington, says that dropping out and learning on your own can work for some, but it’s not suitable for most students.

But, learning about vectors, stacks, and linked lists took an , and hundreds of dollars of tuition money. ” On the other hand, some former students think the theoretical and mathematical parts of their education are extremely valuable.