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Tips on online dating for women

But I want to feel like I’m not just another girl to him. It’s more convenient and easier to meet someone online than offline. However, there are more similarities to the process than there are differences. I had only met maybe 2-3 guys I chatted with online at this point. We seemed to have a lot in common – most notably our love for art. If it’s not, that clearly shows me he’s not interested.

How would any guy know whether or not you are looking for the same things? Be clear about who you are and what you’re looking for in a man.

If you do, you’ll weed out the guys you are unlikely to be interested in.

Don’t get me wrong, I know I’m not the only one he’s contacting. Never compromise who you are and don’t be fooled by phony men online. I’m not going to claim all women are innocent, but there are a lot of men online that claim they are someone they really aren’t. But there are far more men that do this than women. When I showed up for the date, he was dressed like a complete slob. Sure, it shows me he’s not into looking good for his woman, but he was still my (almost) perfect man. Every time a good looking girl with a slender body walked by, I could tell he was fantasizing about what he’d like to do to her. Some guys are good about only moving their eyes to checkout a girl’s ass when they’re on a date. His whole head would make 90 degree turn and he would stare for a good 3 seconds.

And let’s say your profile is confusing about the type of guy you’re looking for and the type of relationship you are seeking.

You have the advantage of judging his body language. Even if I’m totally into his pictures, there is no way he’s getting my digits until I know everything about him. If I’m still interested after getting to know him, my digits are all his. If he doesn’t make it to at least 8 points, he FAILS. I was so into our discussion that the thought never crossed my mind. Here I was, an inexperienced online dater, and I’ve got the most perfect guy after me.

When a guy approaches us online, it’s a bit trickier to determine the type of guy he is. His occupation, if he has kids, where he lives, what his interests are, how big his package is. Spend all those years being the student and dreamed of being the one giving out grades? Oh, and if the answer is “no” for the first question, it’s an automatic FAIL. Was he polite and respectful in his first email/contact? What most women don’t realize is a lot of guys online copy and paste email templates to send to women. When you’re communicating over the Internet, it gives him time to either think up a decent answer or ask someone else for a good way to respond. After going back and checking this guy out following our date, there wasn’t even a single mention about being interested in art. If “John” really was half as good as he seemed online, he would have been any girl’s Prince Charming. Sometimes certain things are just too good to be true. After a few emails, if I seem to like the guy, I ask him to Facebook me.

“Hey, you’ve got a great ass” isn’t worthy of a response. Hey, if you just want a guy to come use you for sex, that’s fine. But for those that are seeking a , stick with an attractive, classy photo.