Start Told ex boyfriend i am dating other

Told ex boyfriend i am dating other

Try to keep in mind that you need to take a closer look at what will be IF you do and/or don't tell him.

She has been successfully self-reliant without the dad's help for 4 years, but there have been times when she wonders what her DD's life would be like if [DD's] "real" dad were a part of her life.

He told me he wanted an abortion because we were not financially and mentally ready.

I told him no and than he said fine that he will be apart of it.

He immediately said I promised to have an abortion and should keep my word.

I said I'm having the baby so he needs to deal with it.

If he's not and he wants to leave, then you know where you stand with him and you can consider you're best options for you and baby, because it won't be a baby forever, it's your CHILD! The last thing you want is him to ask you why you're getting sick and bigger 6 weeks later... My ex and I broke up a month ago and I found out two weeks later that I was pregnant. Long story short my mom said to let him know and let that be his choice whether or not he wanted to be in the child's life.

I hestitated to tell him but thought it would only be right if I did. Needless to say he was the best dad a child could have wanted or have until his demise 18 months after she was born.

Are you expecting him to play an active role in your lives in the future?