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Updating database java

JDBC provides a standard interface for accessing a relational database from a Java application regardless of where the application is running and where the database is.

Use JDBC to access a relational database from a Java application, no matter where the application is running or where the database is.

Bulusu Lakshman describes Oracle database access in Java using JDBC.

This driver gives the maximum performance for an Oracle client application.

This driver has the same functionality as the client-side thin driver except that it runs inside Oracle 8i and accesses a remote database.

These calls are then sent to the Oracle database server using Net8.

These drivers support protocols such as IPC, named pipes, TCP/IP, and IPX/SPX.

Moreover, the early compile-time checking and dynamic runtime checking goes in sync with the dynamic SQL interface of JDBC for Java.

JDBC consists of a high-level "thin" API and multiple low-level drivers for connecting to different databases.

Recommended Book: Getting Started with No SQL The following code snippet queries all records from the Users table and print out details for each record: Retrieves value of the second column in the current row, which is the username field.

The value is casted to a String because we know that the username field is of type VARCHAR based on the database schema mentioned previously. "; Prepared Statement statement = conn.prepare Statement(sql); String(1, "123456789"); String(2, "William Henry Bill Gates"); String(3, "[email protected]"); String(4, "bill"); int rows Updated = statement.execute Update(); if (rows Updated String sql = "DELETE FROM Users WHERE username=?

The following gives a detailed description of each of these drivers: This driver is a Type 4 (Proprietary Protocol-Net) driver and is written in 100% pure Java making it platform independent. It implements the TCP/IP protocol that emulates Oracle's Net8 and TTC (the wire protocol of OCI) on top of Java sockets. Figure 3.2 A configuration of an Oracle client-side JDBC thin driver.