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Updating satilite receiver

The main PBS New York feed is absent from the free-to-air version of the PBS satellite service to afford local terrestrial member stations a chance to broadcast material before it becomes available on PBS-X or PBS-HD.

In theory, a viewer in Glendive, Montana (the smallest North American TV market) could have received what little local CBS and NBC programming is available terrestrially, alongside a K band free-to-air dish for additional commercial networks (such as individual ABC and Fox TV affiliates from Equity Broadcasting, formerly at 123°W) and educational programming (PBS Satellite Service at 125°W).

FTA Receivers can be used in rural locations as a fairly reliable source of television without subscribing to cable or a major satellite provider.

Terrestrial broadcasters use some of the nearly 30 North American satellites to transmit their feeds for internal purposes.

The same is not true of standard subscription TV receivers, whereby unsubscribing from a pay-TV package causes loss of all channels.