Start Updating software in linux

Updating software in linux

Debian packages and the Advanced Packaging Tool (APT) were the first to introduce several advanced features that are now common, such as automatic dependency resolution and signed packages.

An RPM package file normally will be named something like , the Debian software package.

non-security updates require a restart to finish installing, and the “When there are other updates” interval has passed since Software Updater was last open (either automatically or manually) (part of bug 1033226).

) updates has been implemented in Ubuntu Software Center, those particular updates should no longer cause the alert listing updates to appear.

“Restart Now…” should open the usual confirmation alert.

Status of software updates should never be presented in the menu bar or a notification bubble (bugs 24076, 43089, 190302, 195945, 199669, 249367, 280387, 249957, 263513, 322238, 369611, 436749, 654553, 891421, 906826, 917200, 934517, 987202, 1022443, 1060497, 1061469, 1064865, 1075833, 1177418, 1296958, and 1320550).

If a check shows that updates are available, a “Software Updater” alert should appear.

(Like any progress window before it, it should be 33 em wide.) If the check was automatic, the alert should open non-minimized but unfocused.

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