Start What does validating yourself mean

What does validating yourself mean

A definition of trust as a verb ( is, “to rely upon or place confidence in someone or something.” Trust Your Intuition First!

Level 2 Accurate Reflection Reflect means to make manifest or apparent.

This section encompasses a variety of mostly verbal techniques.

You do not need to use all these techniques in order to validate; instead, choose one or two that feel natural and fitting in a given situation.

” You might also guess by looking at the actions you want to do.

If you are feeling fear, maybe you are thinking scary thoughts.

You would say, “I feel angry and it started yesterday after my friend cancelled lunch.

Knowing how to self-validate is important to learning to manage your emotions effectively.

But maybe you need to establish greater trust in yourself/ your intuition about other things, like being a loving parent or leading a meeting at work.