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What is carbon 14 dating used for

Gentry wondered too, and published his findings in some of the leading scientific journals, hoping there might be some adequate response. The most common approach of the scientific community was to ignore the evidence and many journals refused to publish his work. There are only two ways that the phenomena of having a 3-minute half-life particle entrapped in granite could have occurred.

More particularly they are found in biotite, the mica portion of the granite.

As a radioactive particle decays, it progresses through a well know set of elements and isotopes, emitting Beta or Alpha particles of given Me V (Million electron Volts).

Following are some illustrations of Polonium halos and photographs of actual cross-sections of halos of those isotopes.

Idealized three-dimensional illustration of a 210 Po halo obtained by slicing the halo through the center.

(Once in a while some "scientist" will speculate and publish some "finding" which is generally discarded later) When we find a mutant in the higher level creatures, it is nearly always sterile.

Furthermore, the offspring of cross specie types are always sterile (such as the mule, an offspring of a horse and donkey or the offspring of one type of dolphin mating with another type of dolphin.).

Without asexual characteristics or self-fertilizing hermaphroditic characteristics, how possibly could a mutant entity reproduce?

The chance of such a mutant finding an exact complementary mate within its lifespan would be extremely remote given the infrequency of mutations, and especially fertile mutations.

God spoke and the land (granites included) instantly formed.

God left His fingerprint inside these foundation stones and left evidence that will stand forever.

Many lower life forms (generally single cells or plants) are asexual, which is what one would expect if the theory of evolution had any validity.