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Who is boy george dating

While the lead singer of this musical group had a problem with him and he left this group and began his own musical group.

I had a job as a runner in a printing place so I could wear whatever I wanted. If I’d known the kind of misery I would cause myself, all the drama, the pain I brought my mother, the waste of money and time... I remember doing this therapy course, and I was playing up, being the centre of attention. " I’d have been indifferent to the idea of fame when I was 16. The only reason I started a band is that everyone else was doing it. But it’s only in the last six years I’ve come to look at what I do as a job and I do it with more respect. When I was in prison [he was jailed for four months in 2009 for assault] it didn’t feel like it was teaching me anything.

He did some awful things but we laugh about them now. My advice to my younger self would be that jealousy doesn’t make you more attractive.

Gradually my mum realised I wasn’t going to change and she gave up and became an enabler. She made lots of stuff for me, ’cause I couldn’t afford things. I remember I was over in Bank delivering mail and this very handsome Italian man was staring at me. I said to myself, come on kid, don’t make a fool of yourself – you’re too old now.

He revealed this thing in the documentary, Living with Boy George.

I keep telling people, being gay is about three hours a week.

I met Morrissey when Culture Club were massive and he knew I was a massive fan.

Since the beginning of his days, Boy's used to dress in androgynous style.