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Who is carrie keagan dating

They exchanged numbers and have been talking and seeing each other since,” explains an insider.

"Carrie was all over Michael like a smitten schoolgirl! Sheen co-starred with Mc Adams in "Midnight in Paris," but they parted ways in February, after two years of dating.

Before that, Sheen was married to Kate Beckinsale for eight years. Keagan has flown under the radar dating-wise save for a brief courtship with "The Newsroom" director Aaron Sorkin.

The new couple have apparently been together just a couple weeks.

host will push almost any boundary in the name of fun — and we totally love her for that.

"Well, I mean, there are things that have been really embarrassing," she admits to host Carrie Keagan during . It's not my thing," Stassi shared, noting that she was there when Kristen swiped right on her current beau, Brian Carter.

While she didn't admit to how embarassing her quest for love has gotten, she said she has been getting help from Kristen, who acts as her cupid, IRL and online. "I helped you with your dating app and now you're helping me with mine." While looking for love, Stassi has stumbled upon some famous folks, but noted that "[Kristen] swiped right of all the celebrities that I would never [date]." Regardless, Stassi keeping an open mind. I do like tall, just taller than me," she said, adding "there should be a little bit of manscaping." Good to know.

Doing this isn’t healthy and in fact, it doesn’t make you feel better at all. He should be your date because you genuinely like to spend time with him.