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Who is jay electronica dating

As it turns out, they themselves are less than immune to the effects of this systematic encouragement of indulgence in filth.

His reputation is as a man who doesn’t care who he offends — a trait that many blame for his failure thus far to turn talent into record sales. Witness the events of last week, when Jay, 37, (real name Timothy Elpadaro Thedford) demonstrated that while you can take the rapper out of the deprived housing projects of New Orleans, a questionable legacy remains.

‘He got into a massive argument with the bouncers because they wouldn’t let him into the club,’ says a witness to the fracas, which ended with the couple being admitted.

It began almost five years ago and every year has gotten stranger.

Jay doesn’t do anything in a conventional way, but as he’ll probably tell you, “the train’s on schedule.” Unlike a train, full steam ahead on straight tracks, his path has been meandering, so we decided to compile this timeline to show you how close we’ve gotten to hearing the album, several times, and remind you of the songs he’s released since signing to a timeline that now stretches more than eight years.

Now, her marriage destroyed, she spends her life trying to control a wannabe rapper.

As Jay’s manager, Kate, 31, has had to fit in with him — swapping designer dresses and jolly lunches for tracksuits and snatched cigarettes outside recording studios.

Today (August 1), Goldwatch shared an Instagram photo of Electronica holding a falcon with the caption, “1.7.17.” Could this be the release date for Jay’s highly anticipated album?

About a month ago, the New Orleans rapper hopped on Twitter and advised everybody to get TIDAL.

On the heels of the whole Frank Ocean and Kanye West Drake debacles, it now seems like Jay Electronica has something for the table.

Jason Goldwatch, a director and close associate of Jay, posted a photo via Instagram on Monday of the artist with the caption, “1.7.17.” This could mean that his album is coming out in five months.

Daily Mail: Pulling hard on a cigarette as she sauntered down the road, the unkempt brunette in the hoodie barely drew a glance from photographers outside Ronnie Scott’s nightclub in Soho last week.

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