Start Who is keanu reeves currently dating

Who is keanu reeves currently dating

Reeves' most significant romantic relationship was with Syme.

]I know some said that K and Sandra just friend, that's suck.

in my opinion Ana is ,,hungry of famous" she wanna be cellebrity. After i saw her photos i think she is infantile..kid .

I'dont think so that Keanu fall in love with her but maybe they have some affair.know we will see i working with gay long time and he has good ,,gay radar'' ;)))and i ask him about Keanu one day you know? I think they both (K and S) are just unlucky in love like many people [hola solo pregunto por lo que he leido .keanu es gay y ha estado en pareja con estas personascomo podria salir con ana cuando fui a españa tambien me entere que ana no es buena por mi que keanu este con quien quiera .mientras este bien.

I am assuming the paparazzi because she started cussing and so did he.