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Who is kimora lee simmons dating

“I feel like Coretta Scott King,” she told me, speeding in her Bentley to an event for her husband’s Hip-Hop Summit Action Network last fall. Somebody mentioned we were running two and a half hours late. Kimora’s daughters, Ming Lee, five, and Aoki Lee, two, have appeared with their mother in many of these ads, posing in Baby Phat clothes.

Russell and Kimora are hip-hop’s Ozzie and Harriet, or perhaps Ozzy and Sharon, a pop-cultural institution.

And yet that doesn’t keep “the bitches,” as Kimora calls them, from trying to make moves.“Women come up to him all the time,” she complains. Like knowing full well that you are married and you have a life and you have a family, and they want to flirt and rub their booty in your face.…

Trying to get pregnant, snuggling with him in the backseat of his S. “She absolutely will.” That’s a big claim, when you’re talking about “the Godfather of Hip-Hop,” co-founder of hip-hop’s premier label, Def Jam Records, which produced so many of hip-hop’s seminal acts (Public Enemy, the Beastie Boys, Run-D. “T-shirts are gonna make me richer than records ever did,” he told me then.