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Who is marie osmond dating

” he asked the presenter, who immediately apologised for the mix-up.“Sorry! ”The American singer happened also to be holding a carving knife at the time, which he was sure to point out to Matt. “If Im going to be compared to anybody, I’m happy to be compared to my Donny, I think he’s very cool,” he said fondly of his brother.“But when people say ‘Marie, you look fantastic’ it makes me very nervous,” he added, this time referencing his equally famous sister. Five minutes later, the pair were talking about defining moments in their careers and lives, with Matt asking Jimmy to reflect on his.“What about you?

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In the midst of whipping up a Mexican feast in the final segment of today’s episode, Matt referred to some beef ribs and said “those are the ribs, Donny” to studio guest Jimmy.

Totally unaware of his slip-up, Matt continued with his cooking; but Jimmy was sure to call him out on his error.“Did you just call me Donny? JJimmy then admitted that the mix-up happens all the time.

Her proof is the fact that her brother Donny Osmond won the mirror ball trophy in 2009 and she only got to the finals.