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Who is nikki sixx dating july 2016

A bra, with two holes cut out, her nipples pulled through it, and leather bands on her wrists.

Britney lifted her “toy” by the hair, unlocking the handcuffs, freeing Jamie’s hands from her ankles.

“Jamie I’ve been waiting such a long time to do this, in the end…you’ll thanks me.” Britney says in a sadistic tone, twirling her sister’s hair around her index figure, and tracing the dildo around Jaime-Lynn’s “lips”, enjoying the discomfort it is causing her younger sister.

“Don’t worry Jamie, not yet…I’m going to give you what I secretly I know you’ve always wanted.” Britney says, lowering her mouth to Jamie’s teenage pussy-lips. ” Jamie moans, thrusting her hips, about to reach her climax….”why’d you stop?! “This is punishment….you’re not going to release for quite some time I’m afraid to say, at least not while I’m doing it, now get up, it’s time to have some real fun.

When Jamie looked down, she realized her own outfit was something she Britney had worn over a black body-suit in a music-video almost a year ago!!